Hi, Hallo, Ola, Namaste,Goedendag, Bonjour, Sveika, Hallå, Merhaba, Namaskaar

Hello! 👋👋👋

I’ve decided to give blogging another try. I had previously attempted to create a blog over on blogger but it just didn’t workout well; nonetheless, here’s my take two.

The way I see it: “Travelling is another form of education”.

My aim is to share my travels in hope of inspiring others to travel and gain an insight into the unseen corners of the world. As a traveller, I travel to distant places and foreign lands. This has contributed to my take on my life and it continues to reshape my perspectives on different countries, cultures and our generation.

I’ve been travelling for the last 4 years, initially travelled around Europe as it was/is cheaper and nearer to me than any other continent but I’ve now widen my scope to Africa and hopefully Asia.

Nonetheless, this blog will be used to reach out to my fellow travellers and others to share, exchange tips, stories, pictures and knowledge; essentially like a free travel guide.

NB:- I frequently use quotes; honestly, I find that they are the most direct/distinctive form of getting information across in a quick utter.

Stay tuned!

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A Traveller’s Fortune


Author: Melissa Kyaligamba

A young wanderer in search of knowledge, culture and memories.

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