Budapest: The Queen of the Danube



I was first attracted to Budapest, mainly by its NAME! It is a unique, beautiful, striking name. This led me to carry out some research about the city. I learnt a lot about their main tourist attraction feature; which is the THERMAL SPAS AND BATHS. As well as their historical background; Budapest is actually composed of two different towns **BUDA** and **PEST**.

Nonetheless, it does not take much reading to convince me of discovering a new city/place and capturing new Kodak moments!!!

So here goes a quick history then a few pictures of the places we visited!!!

Budapest is the capital and the largest city of Hungary. Budapest became a single city occupying both banks of the River Danube united in 1873 of the West-bank Buda with East-bank Pest. It has been said to be one of the most beautiful cities in Europe (totally agree!!). With its extensive World renowned sites including the numerous geothermal baths, banks of the Danube, the Buda Castle Quarter, Heroes’ Square as well as having the second oldest railway the Millennium Underground Railway and the third largest Parliament building in the world.

If you have ever heard of the saying that “Budapest is at its most beauutiful at night” please rest assured because such is true. All the most important buildings such as the parliament and the bridges are lit up in numerous lights, this kinda adds an extra spark to it. However, as well as being pretty, the lights kinda make it hard to take pictures as they clash with the flash. It is such a pretty sight, you have to check it out.

TIPS:- If you are looking to go to Budapest, I would personally recommend that you to go in winter. I would also suggest that you take part in the sight seeing buses and boat tours in the late evening. Mainly because there’s so many sites to see and so little time. It therefore works out cheaper, faster, safer and warmer on the bus. Also do take the boat trip as its part of the tour ticket for the experience. On the boat you pass through the seven main bridges along the Danube River. Currency :- Hungarian Forint

**Disclaimer** the pictures of the bridges are not taken by me. Mine did not look nice enough for the blog.

The Széchenyi Thermal Bath

It is one of the largest spa complexes in Europe. It’s also the first thermal bath of Pest. It was built in 1913. The bath includes a whirling corridor, underwater effervescence production, neck shower, water beam back massage installed in the sitting banks and many other services such as a sauna (szauna). It can be easily reached by the local underground.

The Chain Bridge

The Chain is a suspension bridge that spans the River Danube between Buda and Pest, the western and eastern sides of Budapest.

The Elisabeth Bridge

It is the third newest bridge of Budapest, Hungary, connecting Buda and Pest across the River Danube. The bridge is situated at the narrowest part of the Danube in the Budapest area. It is named after Elisabeth of Bavaria, a popular queen and empress of Austria-Hungary, who was assassinated in 1898. Today, her large bronze statue sits by the bridge’s Buda side connection in the middle of a small garden.

The Parliament

The Parliament, built in Neo-Gothic style and located on the bank of the Danube, serves as the permanent seat of the National Assembly.

The Heroes Square

The Heroes Square is decorated by the statues of kings, governors and famous characters of the Hungarian history. At the foot of each statue a small relief depicts the most important moment of the life of the personality.

Why go to a place if you plan to reject their main dish. I always aim to sample the main dish of each country that I visit. This time round we were blessed with the yummy **GALOUSH SOUP**. It is composed of boiled potatoes and pieces of meat cooked together as a soup. If you ever find your way to Budapest, do try it, I’m picky with food but I loved it. It was definitely worth the risk!

PS: – For those that maybe in search of a local store with familiar foods; there’s a Tesco over there. I didn’t need it, just thought to check it out.

Thats all for now 😀

I’m new to this blogging stuff, but I am here, excited and ready to explore. If you have any tips and suggestions on how I can improve my page, please do not hesitate to pass them along.

Thanks guys

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Author: Melissa Kyaligamba

A young wanderer in search of knowledge, culture and memories.

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