Planning a vacation soon?!! πŸ˜

Your key to the globe...!!!
Your key to the globe…!!!

Got a big occasion to celebrate? Or looking for a new adventure and change of scenery ……….. Read on, here are the mandatory points needed to make your trip a success

Hop On!!!!!

We all have a list of places we would like to travel to; you find that many take time off after university others take time off work to go and travel.

My places to visit bucket list for 2014
My places to visit bucket list for 2014

Top travel tips

Have an aim – know what you planning to do whilst on holiday and what you expect to get from the holiday. This will help you set a budget. Holidays are timelessly relaxing, educative regardless of where you go and whatever you end up doing; you will leave with life long lessons and memories and best of it – you will generally enhance your knowledge.

City Break vs Beach Holiday vs Nature Holiday vs Adventurous Holiday

Set a budget – know how much you are willing to spend and save that money. It’s always best to book during the sale seasons – companies have really good deals. In terms of advanced booking and last minute; there’s advantages and disadvantages to both. If your planning a last minute holiday – try to prevent travelling during the school holidays and bank holidays as prices are excessively amplified.

Money // Para // Raha // Geld
Money // Para // Raha // Geld

Have a valid passport – make sure you have more than six months left on your passport before travelling – the last thing you want is to be turned away from the boarding gates.

Travel insurance – Such a necessities. It provides protection over medical costs to lost buggage. Invest in one – moneysupermarket and opado always have a gross of the available offers.

Worry Free Holiday
Worry Free Holiday

Research – Do a little research about the place your going to. Gain some knowledge; make a to do list. It will help you get around and have varied expectations in order to do and see all the things on your list.

Holiday brochures
Holiday brochures

A Traveller’s Fortune



Author: Melissa Kyaligamba

A young wanderer in search of knowledge, culture and memories.

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