Lost In Oxford Street

FullSizeRender                FullSizeRenderKindness can easily get you into trouble; I offered to assist my mother with picking up her shopping from the nearest House of Fraser. Instead of running from the cold and heading straight home, yes winter is finally here. I headed to Oxford Street; inattentively indeed. I remember reading about the Christmas lights being switched on by Cheryl but it didn’t cross my mind until I exited the underground station. Being young and free with no care in the world; I was fazed and mesmerised by the beauty of the lights, I instantly became a tourist within my own home city.

FullSizeRender                          FullSizeRender

Freely I walked up and down Oxford street taking pictures from different angles, popped into a few shops (a few good bargains are in-store) to get better views of the lights and late night shoppers allowing the lights to lead me to supposed destination; even saw a “white bus”; now if you know London; the buses are strictly RED, it’s part of the London theme. The lights’ crystal sparkly effect puts you in a Christmasy/ Festive mood, I almost forgot what had brought me to the city. On arrival to House of Fraser; I was greeted with more lights display at the John Lewis store. Sadly I had gone to the wrong store and being miles away from the right store I pulled out my phone and took more pictures of the lights display. The lights are definitely worth viewing in the night; thankfully it gets dark before 5pm GMT, so one doesn’t need to hang around to beat time. You can also find more christmas lights displays at Westfield’s London Shepherds Bush and Covent Garden. FullSizeRender

White Bus
White Bus



Author: Melissa Kyaligamba

A young wanderer in search of knowledge, culture and memories.

11 thoughts on “Lost In Oxford Street”

  1. You brave soul! I avoid Oxford street on a good day *_* But you have some lovely photos to show for it. The new buses are wrapped in ads now. I’ve seen a variety of colours.

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