Santorini Mesmerised by the white and blue decor; the national colours embraced by all. This place is paradise! Whenever I look at pictures taken in Greece; I always ask myself a few questions; it’s pretty yes but what’s the force behind the coordination. Is it a national rule/custom for all residents to have the same colour scheme. Where and when did the trend start? Do they have a choice? Do they like it? Because i know us tourists/travellers love it but I personally wouldn’t want to have the same house as my neighbours if I had a choice. IMG_2265  IMG_2264 Anyways, last June I went to Santorini with my family for my birthday; we loved it; the island is pictorial, every corner was worth that effort it takes to pull out that Canon or IPhone in my case. Why Santorini? I won’t lie that episode aired on keeping up with the Kardashians last year did contribute hugely to us ending up on this island. Whoever said social media was a bad platform for publicity lied because that Kardashian empire is breaking all norms, (and running to the bank). For the young, I feel that Santorini is best when your in need of discovering, learning and relaxing. It’s truly the perfect place to go to when stepping away from the typical young tourists drunk holiday zones i.e Ibiza and Magaluf. The Greeks are proud of their culture and take any given opportunity to embrace it, whether its food, history or music. I spent 8 days in Santorini, relaxing and galavanting across the island. On my first day, I went into town/ capital (Fira) to check out the shops and see what was available for us to do. The pavements were made out of rocks and stones which gave it a rigid, rough finish; pretty to look at but hard to walk on in heels. I ended up buying a pair of sandals from the markets. We walked around following signs to the markets; the sides were filled with numerous bazaars selling authentic crafts and clothes. Unexpectedly we ended up at the top where we caught our first view of Fira; hills filled with various white houses and various churches. The view was so beautiful that it could fit a postcard background. IMG_8895  IMG_2265 On the way back to the hotel; we stopped for some frozen yoghurt and a fish pedicure for €20. Day 2; was filled with more exploring and relaxing. Woke up and did the usual things; breakfast and getting ready. Headed to the hotel pool to relax with cocktails of-course before heading out for an excursion. Sunset in Oià The excursion provider picked us up from our hotel and drove us to our first destination; which was Pyrgos.  We took a walk around the village were the guide was able to tell us abit about the history of Santorini and explained the reasons to why there were too many churches in Santorini. Now as a young traveller I love learning that’s one of the main reasons to why I travel a lot. And I did find the history lessons interesting; but truth be told what I noticed the most were the lies told by our guide. That woman made up anything to add excitement to the tour. Anyways we went on explore an old broken house that exhibited the architectural design of a typical Santorinian house. These houses are cute but far too small; whoever said London houses were small lied; the ones in Santorini are like prison cells too tiny. Next stop was Imergirovil, up up on the hills filled with land. We saw various churches and walked up and down through many houses offering a vivid aerial view of Fira and Kamari. IMG_8693  FullSizeRender Our last stop was Oia, the most beautiful and expensive area on the island. Mainly known for having hosted the Kardashian clan last year or so hotel rooms in Oia range from around £300+ a night, hmmmm that’s right not exactly youth friendly. Oia offers you a full view of the whole island and also an opportunity to watch the sunset over the Aegean Sea. I was glad to have the chance to having my birthday dinner on the roof top with both views on my side. IMG_2266  photo Perissa – the Black sand beach. On the fourth day; we decided travel by public transportation. We caught a coach/bus; their buses look like coaches it’s really hard to single them out from normal traffic. A coach came and went past me without any of us noticing it. I only realised that it was the bus when I looked at the back of the coach and saw the words local bus kmt. I had to wait another 30 minutes for the next bus which took us to the station where we changed onto a bus to Perissa. The bus journey took about 30 mins to an hour. Thankfully the bus drops right at the beach, it’s impossible to get lost. We spent the whole day sunbathing, eating and drinking cocktails. The customer service was excellent. The good thing with holidays such as Santorini is that you have a chance to converse; engage with the company and share memories. IMG_8709  IMG_2267 Like I said there weren’t many things to do but we tried to improvise. We hired quad bikes for the day €15, and although my sister had a minor accident that has now scared her for life, they made getting around Kamari easier. Spent a day at the beach watching planes fly over us. At night if your not in the mood for clubbing or staying in Santoroni offers a vibrant, garden themed open cinema. We went there twice during our stay on the island. The service was good and they had cocktails, popcorn, slush poppies and beer which made it even more interesting. On the two occasions we watched Divergent which I had seen before but for some reason it seemed better on the screen than on my laptop and Translucent. IMG_8843  IMG_2261 Nonetheless, this would be the perfect place for young couples celebrating anniversaries or just in need of a romantic gateway. I do plan to head back to Santorini but with a partner; I think it would be perfect and romantic. Thanks for reading Xoxo


Author: Melissa Kyaligamba

A young wanderer in search of knowledge, culture and memories.

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