Morrison’s 2, Budapest

                                A Girl’s Night Out in Budapest

I visited Budapest in November 2012 and after the long cold bus and boat tour across Buda and Pest, me and my cousins agreed to go out on our second night. We weren’t certain of what club to go to nor were we in the mood for a bar crawl. We just wanted one place to unleash from dusk till dawn and then go home. There were so many clubs to choose from, as Budapest is known for its wide variety of nightclubs and bars. Like your average tourist; we sought advice from our hotel receptionist. He recommended **MORRISON 2** yes there’s three Morrison clubs, but the 2nd one is the largest and livest so the receptionist said and I for one  second that. FullSizeRender

Morrison 2 has more than two floors, you are definitely guaranteed a good time. It looked like an old school turned into a club especially with the long curved stairs; the inside designs were very bohemic and easy nothing extravagant. You can move among the floors for different atmosphere and music. The music was diverse in that they provide all music genres across the floors; which met that they were able up cater to the varied audiences. The drinks were at a reasonable price but what stood out the most; was the atmosphere and the staff were friendly. I enjoyed the engagement and interaction we had with other clubbers; there were so many tourists from all over the globe, I particulary remember these American girls who thought my friend had a Rolex and the Hungarian girls that wanted to “YOLO”. So amusing, they were so warm, fun, cheerier and down with the flow. It is safe to say I had an amazing time, truly memorable. Additionally, the security was tight, I stepped out for some fresh air and they refused to let me back in for a few minutes because I was stumbling around, the cheek, I was both amused and not amused at the same time. Expect a younger crowd of twenty-something. See below for some pictures of the inside of the club. FullSizeRender FullSizeRender Disclaimer – the pictures are taken from the web; I lost all my holiday pictures from the previous 2 years. I basically lent my hard drive to my sister and she crashed it.

Mel xoxo


Author: Melissa Kyaligamba

A young wanderer in search of knowledge, culture and memories.

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