Colouring the Town – Santorini

Santorini at night

I don’t about y’all but a good night out always seals the holiday for me; this is because you get to experience everything that can be offered by any place day and night. Santorini, for young people I would say this place is paradise but definitely not a party island, you need to go Ibiza and Mykonos in this case for that. It has nice clubs/bars dedicated to providing all music genres.

FullSizeRenderI personally loved the Two Brothers bar located in Fira the city centre. The bar is similar to an average university bar; especially when it’s packed out. Its open everyday March – November and not only was it easy to find but it was also incredibly cheap. They held various deals on drinks including 2 for 1 before midnight and free entry. They have an outstanding bar team, the people were always keen to interact and party with you. Honestly they have no shame, they allowed us to dance on the bar table where the drinks are served.

FullSizeRenderFor those who do not partake in the drinking frenzy, there’s a shisha menu available. While trying out the apple flavour; I stupidly managed to knock the hot charcoal onto my arms. I swear I’m so clumsy at times. They also have a tissue throwing sessions where they hand out a load of tissue to the audience and throw in the air following a group countdown; kinda like throwing up dollar notes in the US. Subsequently, for the wifi lovers as it now appears to be a must have at any tourist operating business; Tow Brothers offer access to free wifi in return of a liking their Facebook page. The bar was located next to other bars which made it ideal for a bar crawl; unfortunately i did not get the chance to visit other spots/bars.

They closed after 3am good time; in my opinion as it allows you to get home and grab as much sleep as possible and still be able to rise and take part in the afternoon activities/excursions.

Lastly, it was surrounded by takeaway shops – ideal for feeding the hunger that comes after a night.

You can find them on facebook at :-

Disclaimer – all the pictures are taken from there Facebook page.

Mel xoxo


Author: Melissa Kyaligamba

A young wanderer in search of knowledge, culture and memories.

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