No Cards this Christmas?


IMG_1886 If you are far from home this Christmas due to work or personal travels or even by choice and are in need of some festival uplift. You should try and locate your nearest Christmas markets to indulge in the local and festival traditions/cultures/foods. Christmas markets are today set in the weeks before the Christmas holidays to signal the beginning of Advent. The centuries-old tradition reaches back to a time when regular seasonal markets took place throughout the year. Christmas Markets were a welcome occurrence during cold-weather months. They were joyful occasions for weary villagers and added a bit of light to long winter nights. The first Christmas Markets were little more than winter IMG_2542markets that lasted a couple of days. Instead of the cosy stands that line Christmas Market alleys today, traders in some cities laid their goods out in the streets. With time each Christmas Market has stayed true to its own particularities, with each specialising on local delicacies and traditional products. In the past, only local tradesmen were allowed to sell their wares at the city’s market, which led to the distinctive regional character of today’s markets. Today, Germany Christmas markets have retained the same functions as centuries before with the homemade Christmas ornaments and decorations such as nutcracker toys and glass balls. IMG_1889I however had the opportunity to experience two kinds of Christmas markets. The markets currently being held at the Winter Wonderland funfair which are adapted from the German tradition and most excitingly I was also able to indulge in the Czech Christmas markets in Prague. I found these markets to have a Bohemic and medieval theme which was ideal for setting a Christmasy moment and also fitted in well with the Czech culture and traditions; which was a good encounter for any tourist. The markets played well with the Christmas theme, starting off with the music, Christmas tree decorations and lastly the lights which I was honoured to witness being switched on in the Old Town Square. The markets stalls that i visited had good and affordable ranges of Christmas crafts, decorations, gifts, ornaments and souvenirs. Which I found adequate as I had to purchase souvenirs for family and friends. Subsequently the food markets provided a selection of the custom Christmasy foods such as hot dogs with the options of chicken skewers or pork sausage, crepes, hot IMG_1878beverages as well as Czech snacks like fried cheese garlic bread. All worthy to indulge in while forgetting about the cold weather. Nonetheless, if your in need of being surrounded by christmas joy and celebrations, a visit to your nearest Christmas market should do the trick. Mel xoxo IMG_2542 IMG_1891


Author: Melissa Kyaligamba

A young wanderer in search of knowledge, culture and memories.

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