Walking into a Winter Wonderland

Why should you visit the London Winter Wonderland funfair during this festival IMG_2411season?! Read more and decide for yourself. For the best part of my early 20s, I have wanted to attend the winter wonderland funfair or show, don’t know what I should refer it to but I hadn’t been able to until this past weekend. My friend is currently doing a daily blogpost on 12 days of Christmas and I thought I would be ideal for her to include a post exhibiting her partakes in the seasonal celebrations.

The London WinterWonderland is currently being held at Hyde Park and is easily accessed from Marble Arch station and Hyde Park Corner. However as we didn’t fancy a bit of squeezing and bumping while trying to get off the train, we opted to exiting the underground from Oxford Circus and took a bus up to Hyde Park. Smart move I say as we were able to see the London Christmas Lights decoration on Oxford Street. Bonus!

Upon arrival to Hyde Park, we had to queue for about 20-25 minutes before entering the park as not only was Saturday one of their busiest days but we also arrived during the peak time at 18:30pm. Once inside we purchased some tokens to use on the rides. We went straight to the Giant Observation Wheel IMG_2465ride as it was the nearest plus we were worried that the queue would grow making it harder, longer and off putting to wait for a ride.
It costed £8/8Tokens. Taking a ride on the wheel offered us an aerial view of the park which was beautiful, as it soared 60 metres into the London sky collectively colourful and contributed hugely to the overall excitement for the experience but to be honest the ride is overrated and not worth the price tag. I would say that it’s not ideal for a thrill seeker although the girl who shared a pod with us would not agree, she was far too nervous to even look down and around.

Following the ride it was far too cold, we had to acquire the nearest hottest drink in our proximity. The nearest bar is a 1-2 minute walk from the entrance and serves a range of drinks from beers, fizzy drinks, hot beverages such as hot chocolate and the must have christmas drink mulled wine at a price tag of £5. The amount might sound a tad bit high for a 200ml but after tasting the £4.50p mulled wine at the christmas markets further down in the park, that extra £0.50p was worth it.

IMG_2430The funfair consists of different features from rides, cinema, ice rink, Christmas markets, bars and a live band. Like any typical funfair they had a carousel, bumper cars, rollers coasters, a small santa train for those who wanted to view the park while seated ideal for parents visiting with children. It had stalls of candy floss and those funfair wining games with big teddies and 2kg Toblerone chocolate bars up as prizes. And like any average Christmas markets, the ones at WinterWonderland were filled with crepes/waffles stalls, christmas decorations, Bohemia and medieval ornaments, fried chestnuts and jewellery whose owner offered optional card payment methods.

IMG_2427After walking around the site; I desperately wanted to try out “the express” ride which at the cost of £4/4 tokens was more eventful than the wheel and worth every penny. I tried to record my experience via snapchat but the fear of losing my phone overpowered that thought. I only managed one 10 seconds record. Unfortunately we were unable to find the Lycamobile Ice Rink not that we know how to skate but seeing is believing :(. It was really just for the eyes. But we were able to see the various rides such the Magic Mouse ride, walked past the Magical Ice Kingdom which looked like it had been pulled out of a disney film all while listening to a live band and having more mulled wine from the Mirror Bar and hot dogs.

Subsequently, if parents are looking to attend with children. I saw that the staff at the gate were very welcoming and supportive of those with pushchairs. However I do not remember seeing any toilets, although I didn’t look for them. They weren’t obvious to the eye, which to a parent might prove to be abit difficult when in need of a changing area.

Overall, I enjoyed myself and it was money well spent. Please below for more pictures of the park/funfair.


– The fair is still on display until 4th January 2015 and I would recommend it to everyone that is able to attend it.

– Try and book your tickets for the attractions a couple of days before your visit because not only does it spare you from disappointment but it also gives an unexpected queue jump.

– It’s best to either arrive in the early afternoon or after 8pm as they are hardly any queues at the entrance and potentially with less people. I found that when I was leaving at 9pm; those arriving where able to just walk in without any hassle.

– Wrap up warmly as it’s too cold and the last thing you want during this festival season is pneumonia.

Check out my friend’s blog for her 12 days of Christmas Blogging – yveschild.com







Author: Melissa Kyaligamba

A young wanderer in search of knowledge, culture and memories.

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