#Goodbye2014 – New Years Eve Celebrations

Let me start with wishing each and everyone of you a happy blessed new year. May this year bring joy, peace, prosperity and God’s blessings to you and your family. This year I welcomed the New Year in Manchester, England over 200 miles away from my immediate family who are based in London. This is the first new year in over a decade that I have not celebrated with my family; after the first night, my aunt commented that i looked home sick.

I came up to the North West for a two day trip, a change of celebration and to also see long lost relatives. On my first day I optedIMG_2635 for a simple, relaxed night out, I visited the famous “Curry Mile” on Winslow Road; where I had a meal at MyLahore. I must say it’s one of the cheapest meals I’ve had to date, I only spent £13 for everything and to finish the night off I went to Maramara an indoor shisha lounge offering various flavours of shisha, costing £8.50 for hours filled with drinks and catch ups with the girls. My second day was scheduled to be chilled and spent indoors until the night time. However I managed to drag my cousins to the town centre to find the Manchester Eye. After a few wanders in the rain; we found it right outside Primark. It was a shoot two birds with the same stone kinda moment.


IMG_2646 However, the best part of the trip was my nightout in Manchester. We first went to a house party for pre drinks to start the night off, it was my cousins’ friend birthday. This was followed by a visit to Club Liv which is located on Peters Street and has an affordable entry free of £20. The Club promotes itself as caterers to classy clienteles, on arrival I noticed that all the attendees were dressed in formal outfits with ladies dressed in heels, long gowns, midi dresses and men in their suits and bow ties. The entry age for the club is 21 but I found its atmosphere to be aimed more at the grown and sexy those aged 25 and above. It is described as the perfect spot for anyone in search of a good, classy, night out; I must admit I did not witness any ratchett, ghetto behaviour, there were no fights in the club, something that’s now regularly found in London clubs. This also contributed to the club’s atmosphere.

Club Liv is described as Manchester’s emblematic hot spot that defines an era. It was designed to impress through its amazing décor, music and dancing shows. It is exclusive, luxurious, selective, and meticulously designed. This is the place where stylish people meet in a stylish club, ready to enjoy an atmosphere that is unique. There have been numerous newspaper articles criticising them for their refusal to admit a pregnant woman wearing flat shoes. The music provided was very commercial and current, and it served a diverse music selection. They played contemporary pop, hip hop and R&B as well as Afro-beats which I find to be a mandatory requirement to having a great night orelse I tend to find myself drunk or asleep in the middle of the night.

With a Club such as Liv who receive sponsorship from the world renowned champagne label “Ace of Spades” and aim to attract the rich and middle class clubbers, the price listing for alcoholic drinks can be overwhelming for a moderate clubber with a single bottle of alcohol costing £120 and the VIP tables ranging from £1000 to £4000 being the most expensive table. I was lucky to have attained a table and drinks from the relatives but overall, I found that the club sustained their aims to provide a classy night. I would recommend this club to my fellow young clubbers and travellers that happen to be in the North West part of England whether its Liverpool or Salford to do try to check it out for the opportunity of experiencing a higher classy club lifestyle especially in a place such as Manchester.



Author: Melissa Kyaligamba

A young wanderer in search of knowledge, culture and memories.

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