The Curry Mile, Manchester

Hungry and in Manchester?

Take a bus ride down to Rusholme and have a curry at one of the restaurant on the famous Curry Mile. The name Curry Mile is a nickname for the part of Wilmslow Road running through the centre of Rusholme in South Manchester, England. The name was earned from the large number of restaurants, take-aways and kebab houses specialising in the cuisines of South Asia and the Middle East, thought to be the largest concentration of South Asian restaurants outside the Indian subcontinent.

Within a length of half a mile there are least seventy establishments of this kind. The Curry Mile is notable for its streets being busy into the early hours of the morning. The area is frequently visited by local students, because of its location near the University of Manchester and the Manchester Metropolitan University.

During  my visit to Manchester I was taken to the Curry Mile, I shared a meal with my cousins at the MyLahore restaurant. Although, it was a quick meal I was observant, on arrival I could immediately see why my cousin had chosen this place, the tables were already occupied and it was only 17:30pm. (By the time we left at 20:00pm, a simple table for two had a 45 minutes waiting time). In a few words MyLahore is an Asian food company with a modern twist, set up to meet its clientele’s different appetite needs; not only do they offer a range of curries, they also have a burger menu fitted for those looking for a mix of both meals.  There is positive substance and passion behind the service provided by the waitress. Once seated we were greeted by a nice warm waitress who was kind and patient to us, she even helped us out with pointing out the obvious recommendations.

We had a two course meal which consisted of a starter of grilled platter of lamb chops, fish, sheesh kebab and chicken wings; the meat was juicy and thorough marinated, in that you could smell and taste the flavour from within and it was accompanied by two papodooms. For our main courses we opted for chicken based curries but decided to a variation of meals to create a small buffet on our table. This included the chicken biryani, chicken madras and karahe with rice and naan bread. The chicken biryani was nice, different from what i had tasted before but the spices were well mixed and cooked in that both the appearance and flavour of the food were attractive. However, the chicken madras was too flavoured and spicy which was fine as I can handle average spicy foods but the sauce was too thick that it put me off. I was unable to finish the meal, which I found to be upsetting. However, overall I would recommend this place for everyone not only for the prices but also for the meals and services. I must say it’s one of the cheapest meals I’ve had to date, I only spent £13 for everything aI may not have enjoyed part of my main meal but the ultimate experience and the restaurant as a whole are worth checking out.

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Author: Melissa Kyaligamba

A young wanderer in search of knowledge, culture and memories.

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