My Affair With Mr Karlovy Lazne


The Czechs are world renowned party animals and good drinkers especially with their cheap drinks and affordable currency. As a young traveller, I always always always have to check the city’s night life out. When in Prague I realised that I can’t be fulfilled with what a city/place has to offer if I don’t go out. I believe a place can only be fairly judged after having had the opportunity to experience its treasures both in the night and in the day.

I was only in Prague for three nights so I tried to maximise my time by trying every available form of evening activity. As you may have realised by now, I haven’t quite tried out solo travelling so I’m always on holidays with friends and relatives, hence the numerous “we’s” fitted in every post. Following the journey to Prague, we rested in our hotel for a few hours, this I have now concluded is a bad move if you have planned to have an energetic day tour or night trip immediately after arrival. I have noticed how my friends and cousins act when you plan to go out for clubbing or tours. It might be the jet lag but I’m yet to conclude on the cause, anywheres on the first night we ended up at the nearest bar called LEGENDA. The cold had managed to affect us to the extent of not wanting leave our hotel, and also because we didn’t realise how close the bar was from us until the receptionist refused to order a cab for us. LEGENDA worked out well as it provides both food and drinks, which was what we looking for. We were able to have a few drinks to ease us into the Czech life. I found their price to be low and affordable but then again I have a problem with spending in foreign currencies, as I never have a limit, I spend uncontrollably. Anyways the bar was simple with a restaurant upstairs although it closed at 11pm; we missed it and had to walk an extra 10 mins to McDonalds. The music was good commercial pop and to top it off, it had lots of cocktails which I liked mainly because they were made with the real alcohol brand products instead of cheap duplicates that are usually sold in supermarkets such as Lidl. Unfortunately, I was only able to experience the atmosphere for an hour due to the early closing time {the receptionist told me that Thursday is deemed as a quiet day}.

My second night did not go down well, we headed to M11 for urban music. This bar/club was recommended by an online website however on arrival we had to pay 100 Czech Korunas, which was decent for an entry fee. Once inside the place was partially empty but the music was contemporary pop and dance mixes. This was around 11:30pm so we decided to wait around for a few minutes for the crowd to pick up and then the funniest and most confusing thing happened, everyone collected their jackets and left 😳. We were the only people left and out of curiosity we waited for half an hour to see if it would pick up or if anyone would come but nope nothing, it stayed empty, empty, empty!!!! We later exited.

Coming up to the last night, I had started to feel disappointed in the Czech nightlife (the problem with having high hopes) but decided to continue searching the web for the best and highest reviewed club to find the perfect spot to experience the Czech night scene. I came across the Karlovy Lazne, it’s deemed to be the biggest club in Europe with five floors of music. That was the selling point for me, having had a memorable night at Morrison 2 in Budapest where they had 3 floors of music, it made me even more eager to review and experience Karlovy Lazne.

Karlovy Lazne is situated 100m from Charles Bridge right opposite the “night gym”. It is the largest facility of its kind in Central Europe, it is also one of the best technically equipped club in the world. They are also one-of-a-kind for their original character, which is created by the fact that the historical interiors of the building built at the turn of the 15th century have been preserved. The original mosaic tiling of the hallways and walls, mosaic pictures in the main rooms and partially preserved old spa facilities and pools in the style of Roman baths, which now serve as dance floors without water on two floors of the club, together with modern facilities and equipment, and music create an entirely unique atmosphere, something different from the British mirrored clubs. The outside of the club is decorated in neon lights and you could feel the music vibe, which welcomes you into the nightlife; the theme was equivalent to that found at a typical party island. Entry was 180Korunas which is equivalent to £5. We commenced up to the third floor (urban and contemporary music floor) following advice from the doorman. The floor was scarce with not many people present, as we waited for the club to fill up, we bought some drinks which were reasonable, a mix totaled up to 80 korunas, approx under £3. The club was different from the N11 bar that we had visited the night before, they had a dancer located in the middle of the club and held up on a disco coloured platform. As time went by the floors filled up, the music picked up and the drinks started to flow, helping with the interacton. As always we were the center of attention, i do recall two small boys referring to me as “RIHANNA” like really lol. Throughout the night with good music and a growing crowd, its was easy to forget the time, which is unfortunate when you have a transfer to catch in the early hours (we ended up leaving 3 hours before our pick up came to collect us). The club offered an impressive night out with good music, fellow party people and cheap drinks. This place offered a good example of the ultimate Czech night out, unfortunately I got so carried away with the audience and music that I forgot to check out the other four floors but according to the reviews that I have read, they are all as good as the fourth floor.

Recommendations:- Spend some time on each floor

– Be wary of the cabs you use from outside the club, I was disappointed with one driver’s attempt to charge us three times the normal price.

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Author: Melissa Kyaligamba

A young wanderer in search of knowledge, culture and memories.

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