The Rum Kitchen, Carnaby Street – London

The Rum Kitchen

IMG_3047 Following a long afternoon on the streets of London a few weeks ago, I visited the Rum Kitchen, I had seen it around on Instagram a couple of times but I hadn’t checked it out. I wanted Mexican food but only agreed to eat there because my companion had commanded that he wanted to have a Caribbean meal. Location:- Carnaby Street, London. It’s located on the first floor inside the Kingly Court off Kingly Street.

Place :- The Rum Kitchen restaurant specialises in Caribbean food with a fast paced service. The place is small in capacity,IMG_3043 kinda like a Patisserie Valerie, ideal for a quick hangout/catch up kind of meal outing, however it’s also best to book a table in advance. On arrival I was informed that they weren’t able to accommodate a table for two as the place had been booked up for four hours, so I decided to sit on the stools next to the bar. The service was good however the customer service was not as high as I expected; in that the waitresses were available and responded when you called them but they did not tend to tables, I had to ask for both the drinks and food orders. The vibe is very reggae influenced the DJ/radio played reggae music which adds on to the internal Caribbean theme.

Food:- They serve the popular Caribbean dishes such as jerk chicken, rice and peas and curried mutton.The menu was small but had good deals at reasonable prices. The items on the menu were named after Caribbean terms and words such “the jerk” and “the ting”. IMG_2973IMG_2974 The food was appetising, served hot and it was well presented. The portion look small however the food is filling. We ordered the Jerk Chicken Supreme and Jerk and Ting Chicken Stack, which were both nice and well flavoured but I much preferred, the Jerk Chicken Supreme however that is because I like the chicken breast. I also ordered the ribs and sweet potato fries as sides both were scrumptious. Subsequently, I enjoyed their cocktails although the list was limited, I really appreciated the fact that they tried to use any Jamaican ingredient where possible such alcohol. They had Wray and Nephews as the base rum for the strongest drink on the menu “the ting”; now if you know your alcohol, you would know that the percentage for wray and nephews is lethal, as the saying goes “If Wray doesn’t kill Nephew will”. With 63%, all you would need is two cocktails to set the mood.

Recommendations – Get there between 5pm – 7pm for the £5 cocktail drinks. – Stay away from the rice and peas, it’s not just right! Sweet potato fries are the way forward.



Author: Melissa Kyaligamba

A young wanderer in search of knowledge, culture and memories.

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