Anyone For Thai Paid for In Czech Korunas – Buddha Bar, Prague

Buddha, Prague


The bar is a Buddha themed”upscale bar-restaurant with an orientalist ‘lounge’ ambience” serving Asian cuisine with a two-story dining area dominated by a large statue of Buddha, and an upstairs bar in the form of a large, ornate dragon. The theme was inspired by the discovery of the space to be used, an antique basement archive with a mezzanine, “which suggested to the architects the idea of an oriental temple and its Buddha”.

Where:- Buddha Bar in Prague located in the vibrant heart of Prague, close to the Old Town Square and the fashionable Parizska shopping street.

Place :- This place is part of the world renowned franchise and is a mixture of the present invention, the pan-Asian cuisine, rich interiors, elegant staff and exotic world music. The place is split into two parts with a restaurant downstairs and with a bar upstairs chilled with an uptown vibe off offering a drinks bar and shisha facilities. The atmosphere within the restaurant is exceptional, worthy of a high class restaurant with extended oriental Buddha themed decor. The customer service was exemplary, the staff went above and beyond to ensure that they provided a good service especially with the overbearing language barrier. I even changed my meal set twice and they did not utter any insults, (well any understandable).

Food:- It’s strictly Thai, I am not a fun of Thai food but I wanted to check out Buddha Bar, and hoped that it would change my mind about Thai food. I visited the Buddha Bar in Prague instead of the one London mainly because I felt that the price tags wouldn’t hurt as much if I was paying in a foreign currency as opposed to the British pound. The menu had a variety of options as well as three set meals. We ordered the Lapsang set which consisted of the chicken salad and steamed dumplings for starter, Thai Fried Beef with Thai Basil and Cashews (main) with chocolate sesame bars (dessert) and Sencha set which was different and more aimed at vegetarians with avocado sashimi New style (starter) steamed Seabream with Lemongrass Sauce (main), chocolate brownie with jasmine soup (dessert). If I’m being honest, I didn’t enjoy my food. The ramen which was the starter option offered on the Lapsang set meal had an unbearable odour, I could smell the eggs from a distance which made me feel sick, I however enjoyed my cousin’ starter and main meal off the Sencha set, it had a better taste, flavour and aroma. Nonetheless, the dessert was dessert and the interior which equally were the highlight of my night.

Ratings:- 2.5/5

Recommendations – you would be better off to choose meals from the menu instead of opting for the set menu meals.




Author: Melissa Kyaligamba

A young wanderer in search of knowledge, culture and memories.

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