An Afternoon in London


Are you free on the weekend? Spend a few hours out on the streets of London, exploring and discovering the city’s hidden gems.

Here’s how you can utilise a few hours and see London for less.

13:30pm // Borough Market

Situated next to the London Bridge train station, the market is not hard to find. It’s the perfect place to walk through on a casual afternoon especially for world food lovers. With an hour at hand, the market is described as London’s most renowned food market. Start your tour at Bedale Street right next to the London Bridge station and make your way up from the bakery and confectionary produce to colourful fresh fruits and vegetables stalls continue on past the fishmongers and van foods section, remembering to take and sample the free tasters from different food suppliers. Continue on through the market to the international cooked food and produce market, where you will be graced with numerous stalls stocking Indian, European and fresh food. If you have time you can grab a quick lunch from Elliot’s Cafe (Open for lunch and dinner Monday to Saturday)

Entry = free (£0)

Exit the market, head to London Bridge and board a Jubilee Line train to Westminister station for Westminister Abbey.

14:35pm // Big Ben

It is inevitable to walk past a significant London landmark and not take a photo or a couple of yourself and the iconic feature. So once at the Westminister Abbey grab a picture of yourself with the Big Ben in the background and if you have time, you can take part in the tour to climb the Tower . The tour will take you up all 334 steps to the belfry, where you’ll stand ten feet away from the Big Ben bell. Say cheese!!!! 😀 Admission is free but it requires advance booking through your local MP


15:00pm // An Afternoon Stroll on Whitehall towards Nelson’s Column

Walk down past the Westminister train station and salute Mr Churchill at his statue situated on Bridge street then a take a right turn onto Whitehall road, walk up towards Nelson’s Column. Whitehall is known for a number of memorial statues and monuments, including Britain’s primary war memorial, the Cenotaph. As you continue galavanting up the road to Trafalgar Square take time to appreciate the dated architecture of the buildings while picking up some knowledge by reading the message notes on each statue. The road consists of statues of heroes from previous British wars and battles. Entry – free (£0)



15:45pm // Nelson’s Column

The average walk to the top of Whitehall is 13 minutes, however if you take the time to spot the London eye on your right hand side, observe the buildings and statues, I would recommend 30-45 minutes. Nelson’s Column located at the heart of Trafalgar Square right next to the National Gallery is a monument in Trafalgar Square in central London built to commemorate Admiral Horatio Nelson, who died at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805.  Once at the Column,  climb and take a seat on the lion in order to get a great overview of the whole Whitehall road from the top, where you will be graced with a view of Big Ben situated behind the historical government buildings. If you make it up the Lion, do not forget to take a signatory picture of yourself, its an achievement!!. Entry = free (£0)



 17:05pm // It’s Dinner Time at the Rum Kitchen

Like any trip to any given destination, you have to finish the adventure off with a meal or snack. I opted for a meal in Carnaby Street at the Rum Kitchen restaurant. The Rum Kitchen restaurant specialises in Caribbean food with a fast paced service. They serve the popular Caribbean dishes such as jerk chicken, rice and peas and curried mutton. The place is small in capacity, kinda like a Patisserie Valerie, ideal for a quick hangout/catch up kind of meal outing, however it’s also best to book a table in advance. more info can be found on one of my previous blog posts :- The Rum Kitchen




Laters xoxo


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Author: Melissa Kyaligamba

A young wanderer in search of knowledge, culture and memories.

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