How to Travel Smart and Stay Within Budget!

Have you ever traveled with an accountant?

Travelling with an accountant? Yes it has it’s pros and cons; they make you think twice before each purchase which to an extent can be annoying but on the contrary they keep you within budget while travelling smart. Smart travel? Travel is meant to be fun and memorable, a live in the moment kind of way; then why travel smart? 

The use of the words smart travel together can be understood in various ways but this blog is simply focused on effective travel and money management.
It’s the beginning of a new year and the social media world has been filled with endless posts on bucket lists; however for the sole purpose of this post I’m going to focus on travel bucket lists.

The one thing that i have learnt in the past and will continue to realise as I grow up; is that holidays are a treat, not entirely a must and that my bucket list will always contain the world as every year I think of a new place to go adding to my ever growing list of places that I wish to visit. But what we do need to understand is that in the course of fulfilling our bucket/wish lists we should take lead and make note of our annual budgets, estimates and expected expenses and these should be used to set one’s pace and chances of accomplishing a travel list.

When deciding to travel; it is wise to have a plan set out ahead as this will allow you to effectively analyse your situations, what you wish to attain from the holiday i.e. learn more about a place’s history, culture, nightlife or beaches and how all these can be made to work together. It is important to realise that setting a budget tends to simplify holiday planning as it gives you the opportunity to choose destinations that fall within your set budget rather than having to exhaust your savings accounts or relatives. Honestly there is no point of going on big holidays like the Caribbean when your budget can only cater for Spanish beach holidays.

Furthermore in order to stay within budget, I would always recommend purchasing your tickets and accommodation during the sale season and doing your research across different travel agent websites as well as company websites to look for deals and compare prices, even use staff discounts from relatives were possible before finalising.

Lastly, peer pressure can have an adversed effect on someone’s travel preparations; yes I agree it is nice to travel with friends, it is always a good opportunity to make endless memories but you should always create your own personal plan. When travelling in groups you will always find contradicting ideas and plans were everyone wants to see or do different activities, the best solution to this would be to discuss each member’s expectations and understand them, also be honest to your travel companions about your budget and if per taking in different activities, state if your participation is feasible and will not affect your budget. It can be disheartening to return home with endless stories to tell but with no money, soared credit cards and mixed feelings which in turn can all be managed pre hand with effective communication.

Tips to take from this post:- 

– Plan ahead and stick to your budget
– Look around for deals; do not settle for the first price you get

– Communicate with your travel buddies so that you do not exceed your set budgets or end up doing activities you’re not keen on

– Be smart

– The world should be on your bucket list; so travel in the moment and do not stick only to your travel list



Author: Melissa Kyaligamba

A young wanderer in search of knowledge, culture and memories.

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