No Cards this Christmas?


IMG_1886 If you are far from home this Christmas due to work or personal travels or even by choice and are in need of some festival uplift. You should try and locate your nearest Christmas markets to indulge in the local and festival traditions/cultures/foods. Continue reading “No Cards this Christmas?”


Walking into a Winter Wonderland

Why should you visit the London Winter Wonderland funfair during this festival IMG_2411season?! Read more and decide for yourself. For the best part of my early 20s, I have wanted to attend the winter wonderland funfair or show, don’t know what I should refer it to but I hadn’t been able to until this past weekend. My friend is currently doing a daily blogpost on 12 days of Christmas and I thought I would be ideal for her to include a post exhibiting her partakes in the seasonal celebrations.

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Planning a vacation soon?!! 😏

Your key to the globe...!!!
Your key to the globe…!!!

Got a big occasion to celebrate? Or looking for a new adventure and change of scenery ……….. Read on, here are the mandatory points needed to make your trip a success

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Hi, Hallo, Ola, Namaste,Goedendag, Bonjour, Sveika, Hallå, Merhaba, Namaskaar

Hello! 👋👋👋

I’ve decided to give blogging another try. I had previously attempted to create a blog over on blogger but it just didn’t workout well; nonetheless, here’s my take two.

The way I see it: “Travelling is another form of education”. Continue reading “Hi, Hallo, Ola, Namaste,Goedendag, Bonjour, Sveika, Hallå, Merhaba, Namaskaar”