Santorini Mesmerised by the white and blue decor; the national colours embraced by all. This place is paradise! Whenever I look at pictures taken in Greece; I always ask myself a few questions; it’s pretty yes but what’s the force behind the coordination. Is it a national rule/custom for all residents to have the same colour scheme. Where and when did the trend start? Do they have a choice? Do they like it? Because i know us tourists/travellers love it but I personally wouldn’t want to have the same house as my neighbours if I had a choice. Continue reading “SANTORINI also known as THERA/FIRA”


Lost In Oxford Street

FullSizeRender                FullSizeRenderKindness can easily get you into trouble; I offered to assist my mother with picking up her shopping from the nearest House of Fraser. Instead of running from the cold and heading straight home, yes winter is finally here. I headed to Oxford Street; inattentively indeed. I remember reading about the Christmas lights being switched on by Cheryl but it didn’t cross my mind until I exited the underground station. Being young and free with no care in the world; I was fazed and mesmerised by the beauty of the lights, I instantly became a tourist within my own home city.

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