My Affair With Mr Karlovy Lazne


The Czechs are world renowned party animals and good drinkers especially with their cheap drinks and affordable currency. As a young traveller, I always always always have to check the city’s night life out. When in Prague I realised that I can’t be fulfilled with what a city/place has to offer if I don’t go out. I believe a place can only be fairly judged after having had the opportunity to experience its treasures both in the night and in the day. Continue reading “My Affair With Mr Karlovy Lazne”


#Goodbye2014 – New Years Eve Celebrations

Let me start with wishing each and everyone of you a happy blessed new year. May this year bring joy, peace, prosperity and God’s blessings to you and your family. This year I welcomed the New Year in Manchester, England over 200 miles away from my immediate family who are based in London. This is the first new year in over a decade that I have not celebrated with my family; after the first night, my aunt commented that i looked home sick. Continue reading “#Goodbye2014 – New Years Eve Celebrations”

Colouring the Town – Santorini

Santorini at night

I don’t about y’all but a good night out always seals the holiday for me; this is because you get to experience everything that can be offered by any place day and night. Santorini, for young people I would say this place is paradise but definitely not a party island, you need to go Ibiza and Mykonos in this case for that. It has nice clubs/bars dedicated to providing all music genres. Continue reading “Colouring the Town – Santorini”

Morrison’s 2, Budapest

                                A Girl’s Night Out in Budapest

I visited Budapest in November 2012 and after the long cold bus and boat tour across Buda and Pest, me and my cousins agreed to go out on our second night. We weren’t certain of what club to go to nor were we in the mood for a bar crawl. We just wanted one place to unleash from dusk till dawn and then go home. There were so many clubs to choose from, as Budapest is known for its wide variety of nightclubs and bars. Like your average tourist; we sought advice from our hotel receptionist. He recommended **MORRISON 2** yes there’s three Morrison clubs, but the 2nd one is the largest and livest so the receptionist said and I for one  second that.  Continue reading “Morrison’s 2, Budapest”